Personalised medicine will overhaul therapy and prevention and opens a new avenue for modern medicine. There are now concrete cases which demonstrate the potential of this approach in oncology. There is also evidence for the impact of personalized medicine in other fields such as inflammatory diseases and transplantation. Moreover, one can see the growing impact of this approach in infectiology and nutrition.

Personalised medicine has introduced a new mode of thinking with major impacts on the care and prevention organization as well as good clinical practices, ethics etc…
Thus, it implies to educate and train medical doctors, scientists and regulatory agencies, patient associations, as well as politics to this new concept.

In this context, the education committee of EPEMED focuses on the followings:

  • Organize networks of training courses by interacting with selected universities and European key institutions: this training should be really interdisciplinary, merging scientists, medical doctors and representatives of public health and regulatory agencies, as well as patient associations
  • Organize small informative meetings with representatives of regulatory and public health, national and European, agencies
  • Organize small informative meeting with European parliament members, as a follow up of the previous EPEMED actions
  • Along the same lines, specifically organize such informative meetings with key patient associations

Chair: Jami Taylor,
Global Policy Leader for the Janssen Diagnostics
J&J Designate for EPEMED Board Member
Vice Chair: Mara G. Aspinall,
President and CEO of Ventana
EPEMED Vice President