• EPEMED - 2018 Call for projects selection

    The association now improves its impact to its community by funding scholarships, fellowships or awarding grants to selected European projects in personalised medicine.

    We are now calling for our 2018 projects selection. Please share your interests, with a short description, by email to contact@epemed.org by the 17th of May.

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  • New areas of engagement for maximum impact

    Over the last several months, the EPEMED Board has been actively working on the repositioning of EPEMED. Indeed, after 8 years of sustained actions focused on access and education for advancing personalised medicine in Europe and the breakthrough role diagnostics in improving patient outcomes, the organisation is facing a crossroad.

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  • Release of EPEMED OHE Study 2016

    Value of Knowing and Knowing of Value: the need for an expanded value framework for complementary diagnostics.

    Today EPEMED and The Office of Health Economics (OHE) launch their White Paper “The value of knowing and knowing the value: improving health technology assessment of complementary diagnostics”.

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  • Q1 16 data now available!

    Our unique European library for the Personalised Medicine and Diagnostics industries keep expanding its focus.

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  • European Personalised Medicine—Value of Knowing and Knowing of Value

    EPEMED co-founder Mara Aspinall and Professor Lou Garrison of the University of Washington recently spoke at PMWC in Silicon Valley on the topic of “European Personalised Medicine—Value of Knowing and Knowing of Value.” They presented an introduction to the European Personalised Medicine association (EPEMED) and a preview of a soon-to-be-released EPEMED-OHE White Paper on this topic, being prepared by the Office of Health Economics (OHE) in London. Professor Lou Garrison is a member of the OHE research team.

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  • What’s in for 2016

    We closed 2015 on the achievement of major milestones and facing 2016 with important developments for our organisation.

    EPEMED played a key role in providing expert guidance and contribution to elaborate on a centric health prerogative of the EU Presidency, “Making Access to Personalised Medicine a Reality for Patients”, at the July High Level European conference endorsed by the Luxembourg Ministry of Health. The conference’s main results fed into draft council conclusions submitted by Lydia Mutsch, Luxembourg Minister of Health, to health ministers during the EPSCO Council and adopted by the Council on 7 December 2015 (you can access the outcome of proceedings on our web news section). Personalised Medicine will thus remain on the political agenda and European health priorities as Netherlands takes over the EU presidency.

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  • EPEMED OHE study 2016

    Health Technology Assessment of complementary diagnostics: issues, options and opportunities

    We are reaching the final phase of the next major initiative led under EPEMED Health Economic Policy and Reimbursement programmatic committee. As you may recall, we launched a collaboration with the Office of Health Economics (OHE) to address current, and future, issues around the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) of complementary diagnostics.

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  • White paper 2016

    Labs Role In Educating Physicians In Personalised Medicine

    Following the 2014 webinar series by the EPEMED Education Committee discussing the “Education and Knowledge Gaps in Personalised Medicine” and the output from dedicated workshops in conjunction with EuroBioForum’s 3rd annual and Diaceutics Convergence meeting, laboratories were identified as having a key role in educating physicians on testing in personalised medicine but remaining an untapped source in the training and educational space.

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  • EPEMED and PM Connective

    An alliance to jointly remove barriers limiting the promise of Personalised Medicine

    In a first-of-its-kind alliance, a European and an American not-for-profit have decided to become an integrated voice promoting the creation of a new business model for personalised medicine (PM) both in the EU and the U.S. The focus of this global collaboration is the integration of best practices in clinical, regulatory, and payor business models and policies to unlock the full potential of personalised medicine and the distribution of the value generated across all stakeholders. Currently, each of the various stakeholders or “silos” of the healthcare industry optimize in their own domains, which can often result in reduced health outcomes for patients and increased healthcare costs.

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  • Lydia Mutsch chairs the Health component of the Council "Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer”, EPSCO in Brussels

    The Health Minister, Lydia Mutsch, chaired the section on Health at the EPSCO Council (Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs) held in Brussels, 7 December 2015.

    The Luxembourg Presidency notes real progresses in several cases. Thus, at the meeting, the Council adopted conclusions on four major themes, including personalised medicine.

    Click here to access the outcome of the proceeding and the relating press release.

    Press release (280.94 kB)
    Communiqué de presse (315.74 kB)
  • EPEMED European Knowledge Center is expanding focus

    2015 is set to be the record year for diagnostic and personalised medicine transactions, with a record 27 deals between pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies already completed in the first half year. As the personalised medicine space continues to increase in relevance and importance, EPEMED together with DxInsights and Diaceutics is taking a closer look into the details behind the numbers to provide further insights into the industry trends...

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  • New international collaborative formed to help remove barriers limiting the promise of PM

    A broad community of industry stakeholders has come together to form and launch the first-of-its-kind organization to enable collaboration in personalized/precision medicine (PM). The PM Connective, as it is called, is a US-based not-for-profit firm whose founding partners are comprised of Board members and advisors from Biogen, bluebird bio, CAHG (an Omnicom Group subsidiary), Cardinal Health, Diaceutics, EPEMED (the European Personalised Medicine Association), George James Ltd, and Vivia Biotech

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  • Press release - July 8th EU high level conference "Making Access to Personalised Medicine a Reality for Patients"

    EPEMED supports, jointly with other EU organisations, the Luxembourg European Presidency to making PM a EU health priority. EPEMED was part of the senior delegates leading the program of a major EU conference gathering 150 attendees from public health decision makers, representatives from the Commission, Members of the European Parliament, Patient and European umbrella organizations representing interest groups and associations actively engaged in the field of Personalised Medicine.

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  • EPEMED and other EU organisations support the Luxembourg European Presidency to making PM a EU health priority

    For the twelfth time in its history, Luxembourg took over the European Union presidency on July 1st for 6 months.

    The presidency established Personalised Medicine as one of its health policy priorities. It is in this context that the Luxembourg Ministry of Health opens tomorrow a rich agenda of presidency events with a one day high level conference to elaborate on “Making Access to Personalised Medicine a Reality for Patients”.

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  • EPEMED next 2015 White Paper initiative

    Health Technology Assessment of Complementary Diagnostics: Issues, Options and Opportunities.

    EPEMED Health Economic Policy and Reimbursement programmatic committee is leading our next major initiative. After a year of project planning, the committee is pleased to announce that EPEMED will collaborate with The Office of Health Economics (OHE) to address Health Technology Assessment (HTA) of complementary diagnostics.

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  • DxInsights inside EPEMED - An EPEMED European Knowledge Center on Personalised Medicine and Diagnostics.

    EPEMED and DxInsights announced their partnership during the joint EPEMED 4th International Conference and 3rd Health Economics & Personalised Medicine Symposium at the Netherlands Cancer Institute Amsterdam.

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  • Personalised Medicine knowledge as a catalyzer for clinical decision making

    EPEMED’s 3rd webinar will focus on the clinical decision making for new targeted therapies and how it is affected by the information the clinicians have at hand at any given time.
  • Healthcare Professional's Education in Personalised Medicine

    Personalised Medicine (PM) introduced a new mode of thinking with major impacts on care, clinical practices and ethics. Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) need to understand new and sophisticated technologies and how to implement them in their daily work.

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  • Precision Medicine Congress London

    Supported by EPEMED - FREE delegate places for EPEMED members !

    Please contact Nick Noakes: nnoakes@globalengage.co.uk to apply and receive terms and conditions

  • EPEMED EASL Workshop London

    Personalised Biomarkers in liver disease Join an exceptional opportunity to track on-going advances in personalised treatments and management of patients with liver disease.
  • EPEMED La Charité Patient Access Study is finalized

    EPEMED La Charité Patient Access Study « Personalised Medicine in Europe : enhancing patient access to drug-diagnostic companion products » The full report study will be presented publicly along the year, first through a series of external meetings with European and National institutions...

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  • EPEMED Market Study

    EPEMED is currently working with a leading European academic institution to publish a market study on the European Personalized Medicine environment. In essence, this material will constitute a set of recommendations...
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  • EPEMED appoints new General Delegate and Board Members

    EPEMED the European Personalised Medicine association has appointed Mrs Emmanuelle Benzimra as new General Delegate, 3 new board members - Patrizia Luchetta, Werner Verbiest and Peter Collins...
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  • EPEMED - Impakt

    EPEMED representatives will be present at the IMPAKT conference 3-5 May 2012 in Brussels...
  • EPEMED is moving to Luxembourg

    Why Europe needs a different entry strategy for Pharmaceutical Companies hoping to create universal access to companion diagnostics? The question of whether a Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic company should promote an IVD...
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  • New Member on Board

    EPEMED, the European Personalised Medicine Association, a European not for profit organisation bringing together global forces in personalised medicine, today announced the appointment of Prof. Christian Bréchot, MD, PhD...
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  • White Paper Publication

    The European Personalised Medicine association (EPEMED) today announced the publication of a new white paper in the March, 2011 issue of Future Medicine’s Journal of Personalized Medicine...
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  • EPEMED's private conference at Palais du Luxembourg, Paris

    EPEMED has held its private conference on 12th of October 2010, Palais du Luxembourg, Paris, program , " La médecine personnalisée en France et en Europe: un enjeu majeur de santé et de finances publiques...
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  • New Member on Board

    The personalised medicine association EPEMED, a European not-for-profit organisation bringing together global forces in personalised medicine, has today announced the appointment of Dr. Anne Bruinvels...
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  • EPEMED formely launched

    Newly created European PErsonalised MEdicine Diagnostics association EPEMED, today announced the appointment of its founding board of directors...
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