EPEMED - 2018 Call for projects selection

The association now improves its impact to its community by funding scholarships, fellowships or awarding grants to selected European projects in personalised medicine.

We are now calling for our 2018 projects selection. Please share your interests, with a short description, by email to contact@epemed.org by the 17th of May.

Areas of engagement and support articulate around projects driven by universities and patient groups and/or focus on education and training of future healthcare professionals and patient empowerment.

Our 2017 round of selection stopped on a research proposal received by Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, and led by Professor Dik van Gent and Professor Martine Jaegle. The project aims at advancing antibody strategies to get pancreas cancer under control with improved diagnostics and treatments, and is sustained by Inspire2Live, a patient advocates organisation.

A special communication on this project will be made in June. To allow our impact strategy to be sustainable for the longest time as possible, we also call the EPEMED community and network to top our contribution with additional grants or donations on the selected projects. If you are interesting in enrolling and getting more information on this first selection before June, and the next, please email us at contact@epemed.org.