EPEMED 2017 : new areas of engagement for maximum impact

Over the last several months, the EPEMED Board has been actively working on the repositioning of EPEMED. Indeed, after 8 years of sustained actions focused on access and education for advancing personalised medicine in Europe and the breakthrough role diagnostics in improving patient outcomes, the organisation is facing a crossroad.

As the personalised medicine space continues to increase in relevance and importance, EPEMED will direct its remaining funds to fund select European projects in the the form of scholarships / fellowships or grants. As a result, we will fund projects in Personalized Medicine driven by universities and patient groups instead of producing high level recommendations through white papers, public fora, research studies and subcommittees activities.

We will use our cash reserves to do this and we will not ask for additional membership dues.  We expect that this work given the level of our reserves will last five years.  We are happy to accept additional grants or donations though, to allow this strategy to be sustained for the longest time possible.   

We identified two areas for engagement and maximum impact :
- education and training of future healthcare professionals - with a focus of using diagnostics 
- patient engagement and empowerment  - with a focus on personalized medicine 

In an effort to be effective and impactful in managing this new mission, we are currently in discussion with different organisations.

We shall be back in touch soon with more details.