• Sharing data is the drug that comes from patients

    Q&A: Peter Kapitein, President and Patient Advocate of Inspire2Live and an active EPEMED member on the panel of the July High Level European conference in Luxembourg

    Peter Kapitein is President and Patient Advocate of Inspire2Live and an active EPEMED member. Since 2005, Peter has lived with cancer and shown others that cancer does not have to be a death sentence, but can also be the start of a new and richer life, full of opportunities. That’s on this absolute belief that he initiated Inspire2live, an international cancer patient advocacy group that empowers patients and their loved ones in converting a sense of powerlessness into a strength.

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  • Societal impacts of Personalised Medicine

    The President talks about the societal shift that we call personalised medicine.

    If personalised medicine is best known in its scientific and medical definitions, if personalised medicine is often addressed within regulatory and market access fora or in the context of drugs and associated diagnostics economic modeling, we cannot ignore that personalised medicine risks upsetting considerably our current healthcare systems and bodies in the next ten years.

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  • Getting to quality

    I think we can agree that one of the critical success factors of personalized healthcare is access to high quality testing. But, what is high quality testing? There are lots of definitions of quality but they tend to converge around the...
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  • Paving the way for PM

    The individuality of human beings means that a given therapeutic regimen that works well in one person may be without therapeutic benefit or even prove toxic in another. Poor efficacy and toxicity are...
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  • Advocay in Personalised Medicine

    Multiple stakeholders play a role in the adoption of personalized medicine; many times in contradictory ways. A growing number of advocacy groups have emerged to unify these stakeholders in this increasingly complex marketplace...
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