Make Personalised Medicine and Diagnostics a Reality for European Patients

EPEMED is a pioneering, independent voice and a catalyst who acts for advancing personalised medicine in Europe and the breakthrough role of diagnostics and co-dependent drug-companion diagnostics technologies in improving patient outcomes.

We are a central point of communication and coordinated actions that accelerates broader adoption of personalised medicine and advanced diagnostics, and access to these treatments by patients across Europe by:

  • Recommending optimal regulatory and reimbursement routes to delivering personalised medicines and advanced diagnostics to patients efficiently
  • Promoting improved development of personalised medicine through the creation and application of advanced diagnostic tests
  • Designing and developing education and training programs to help stakeholders better understand the needs and challenges around personalised medicine and advanced diagnostics

We are a dynamic, action-driven platform that does more than talk. Our objective is to introduce unique, high-value insights and targeted resources that directly address the challenges confronting the efficient delivery of personalised medicines to patients across Europe.

We deliver on our objective via a combination of white papers, public fora, research studies and subcommittees activities focused on regulatory, economic and educational challenges in the European market context.

EPEMED is a non-profit founded in 2009 by a group of European leaders with extensive expertise in stratified medicine and the application and development of diagnostic tools. As the first European association founded to address exclusively European issues in personalised medicine which confront industry, regulators, payers and government, EPEMED is a pioneering organization bringing together forces in personalised medicine.

Alain Huriez, EPEMED Founder & Chairman, talks about the association