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Our programmatic committees are a powerful platform of interaction amongst our members where opinion leadership is formed with a collective view on issues and solutions related to personalised medicine and advanced diagnostics in Europe. They are held every 2 to 3 months.


We intervene across Europe to share vital insight on Personalised Medicine and circulate position on effected research studies. We also organize an Annual International Conference; an opportunity for members to connect around a highly interactive program.

Iain Miller, EPEMED board member, and Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, OHE Director of Consulting,  will co-present the methodology and results of the OHE EPEMED 2016 study, "Value of Knowing and Knowing of Value: the need for an expanded value framework for complementary diagnostics”, on the 12th of Sep 16 from 17:55 to18:25 GMT.

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We introduce unique, high-value insights and targeted resources that directly address the challenges confronting the efficient delivery of personalised medicines and advanced diagnostics to patients across Europe.


Release of EPEMED OHE Study 2016

Value of Knowing and Knowing of Value: the need for an expanded value framework for complementary diagnostics.

Today EPEMED and The Office of Health Economics (OHE) launch their White Paper “The value of knowing and knowing the value: improving health technology assessment of complementary diagnostics”.

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Find out about international events and access resources aiming at advancing personalised medicine and the breakthrough role of diagnostics in improving patient outcomes.


Precision Medicine Leaders Summit
The Precision Medicine Leaders Summit will be a first of its kind gathering of the finest minds in the Precision Medicine field. Many Precision Medicine projects are in motion around the globe and are gaining real momentum. The objectives are varied but they all share one central theme to be able to predict and diagnose diseases more precisely, matching the right therapeutic more efficiently and more cost effectively.